Website needs placement on top of search engine

Not all websites are appearing on top of search engines. There are thousands of search engines available. Major search engines are only about ten numbers. Only with these ten webs search engines users are using for their requirement. These search engines are available even in mobile phone, so it is very easy for users to type required product or service.

Once required product or service is coming up on search engines buyers are finishing their deals with same site. They are not interested in visiting next results produced by search engine. Why people are selecting first site for their needs, why they are not trying with other sites is generally raised question. First and final reason is only laziness of the buyers. Buyers are always lazy and they want to finish a deal quickly. This is the reason these people are selecting first result.

Of course out of hundred people two people would be searching in all results appeared in search engines. These buyers are interested in bargain and they are enjoying surfing more and more websites. Therefore, wise people are ending their deal only with first result of search engines. They are least to bother about other results, appearing on the search engines. First appeared website is from, website seo ranking. While ranking a website, seo works a lot, website should not have heavy weight on first page, this is first condition.

Same time, on second page animation, flash work could be placed, this is second condition. Important contents should have to be placed in third page, but from first page all other pages should have to be visited by a visitor this is third condition, based on above conditions, a search engine optimist is working and positioning a website and it gets rank on major search engine.

Once major search engine accepts a website, other search engines are accepting same website on top position. Same time, every individual is happy with his purchase through the internet. So a website should have to be visible on search engine and in first place. This is easily possible for an experienced worker. He tunes websites night and day and he works for all twenty four hours in a day.

All seven days in a week, and all three hundred and sixty five days in a year. This is how a website gets placement on search engine in first position and in ranking position.

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